web app delayed.

I am certain this will shock everyone who is paying attention, which is likely no one.

I have had symptoms of RSI in my fingertips, forcing me to limit my typing away from work. The result is that I really can’t work on this right now. I have a passion for the concept, but not enough to injure myself or endanger my day job. So I wait until I have a way to cope.


Soda Fountains, Soda Guns, and Remote Chillers

(This article is WIP and subject to change.)

So I’ve talked in the past about the Web Bar that I’ve built in our Family Room. It’s still a work in progress – in fact, it still needs at least $500 in plumbing done. It had occurred to me that if I ever wanted a soda fountain or bar gun to work, I needed to plan that part out in advance.

My Wet Bar

My Wet Bar

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SuckedIn to get another breath.

I have decided to pull out what little code I still have from what was supposed to be and it will become the new will stay as my personal blog, but the main site is going to become “Numbski – Tools for making your life easier.”

Hopefully I will have a mainpage and minimal registration info available in the next week or so. In the meantime, stay tuned!